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Discover Why Floyd Mayweather Arrested Again

Discover Why Floyd Mayweather Arrested AgainFloyd Mayweather Arrested…Again

Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather is considered to be amongst the most premier boxers within modernity; however, his boxing accolades have not prevented him from engaging in run-ins with law enforcement agents. With regard to his latest arrest, that took place on December 17th, 2010 resulting from an alleged assault on a security guard, the events resulting in Floyd Mayweather arrested only added to his presumed legal trouble.

Why Was Floyd Mayweather Arrested in 2009?

The events resulting in Floyd Mayweather arrested took place on September 9th, 2010; classified as a multifaceted offense, which included larceny, domestic battery, and emotional domestic violence, the events unfolded as Floyd Mayweather engaged in a dispute with a former girlfriend of Mayweather’s named Josie Harris – both the charges of battery and larceny were classified as felonies punishable by up to 6 months incarceration if convicted. The following details are pertinent to the events surrounding Floyd Mayweather arrested:

The presence of the alleged  physical battery and assault of his girlfriend resulted in  Floyd Mayweather arrested for domestic violence in its physical form, which was reported as including the physical abuse or assault sustained Josie Harris;  the alleged physical domestic violence suffered upon his charges were unidentifiable by law enforcement agents – the claims of these charges were absent of noticeable signs of bodily injury

The posing of threats issued by events resulting in Floyd Mayweather arrested were considered to be expressions of domestic violence taking place within its emotional or verbal form

The third charge resulting in Floyd Mayweather  arrested was the claim that he had unlawfully stolen the cellphone belonging to Harris, which was classified as Larceny including the presence of violence or harm posed as threats in the event that the victim in question refuses to comply with the demands of the individual committing larceny

Why Was Floyd Mayweather Arrested in 2010?

On December 17th, 2010, while Mayweather was on ‘The Las Vegas Strip’ in his home State of Nevada, he was identified by a 21 year old security guard who was under the employ of the gated housing community in which Floyd Mayweather resided. The guard had reported that Floyd Mayweather had assaulted him subsequent to receiving a parking summons issued by the guard; the reports included Floyd Mayweather poking the face of the security guard in an assaulting manner – this event resulted in Floyd Mayweather arrested:

Although the 2009 criminal charges resulting in Floyd Mayweather arrested were still pending, the security guard alerted police of Floyd Mayweather’s whereabouts upon seeing him in downtown- Las Vegas; as a result, law enforcement agents arrived and arrested Floyd Mayweather on the charges of assault

However, reports released from the Clark County Police Department showed that despite Floyd Mayweather arrested that evening, he was released shortly thereafter without bail; there have been no subsequent reports in conjunction with the December 17th, 2011 assault charges