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Truth Behind Why Was Sportscaster Jay Mariotti Arrested

Truth Behind Why Was Sportscaster Jay Mariotti ArrestedJay Mariotti Arrested: Case Details

Jay Mariotti, who is recognized both as a sports commentator for the ESPN network, in addition to his contributions to the America Online (AOL) sponsored sports blog ‘Fanhouse’ was arrested taking place sometime between August 21st and August 22nd, 2010 upon allegedly engaging in domestic violence with regard to his current girlfriend; the events transpiring during that weekend at a club in Santa Monica, California resulted in Jay Mariotti arrested on domestic violence charges:

Reports surfacing in conjunction to Jay Mariotti arrested illustrate that upon what he had suspected as his girlfriend flirting with another individual at a nightclub in downtown Los Angeles, Jay Mariotti allegedly became enraged and the couple; both 51 year old Jay Mariotti and his girlfriend undertook a verbal argument in the club

Although the results vary between witness testimony and the police reports furnished by the Los Angeles Police Department, the events leading to Jay Mariotti arrested included him shoving, , grabbing, and accosting his girlfriend in a violent manner; furthermore, police reports showed that the incident of Jay Mariotti arrested resulted in physical trauma noticeable on his girlfriend’s arms – this trauma was describes as various bruising and legions

Jay Mariotti was formally charged on the morning of August 22nd, 2010 for which a felony charge was issued; however, the release made to the public with regard to Jay Mariotti arrested was simply described as a ‘domestic incident’ – subsequent to his arrest, Jay Mariotti was released after furnishing $50,000 bail

Jay Mariotti Arrested: What is Domestic Violence?

The charges resulting in Jay Mariotti arrested d are considered to be akin to domestic violence enacted in both verbal and physical manners, which constitutes physical abuse or assault sustained a member of a romantic partnership at the hands of another member of the romantic partnership:

Physical Domestic Violence are types of abuse illustrating domestic violence in its physical form, which may include the mention of physical attacks, assaults, and expressed threats of violence

Emotional Domestic Violence is a type of abuse existing on both emotional and psychological levels, which may include the mention of verbal abuse, the posing of threats, and demeaning and insulting acts undertaken by the abusive partner

The Results of Jay Mariotti Arrested

Although the charges leading to Jay Mariotti arrested were neither formally filed nor finalized, his professional career still suffered; in addition to his firing from the ESPN network, he was also removed as a writer and contributor from the sports blog ‘Fanhouse’ by the AOL corporation.