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Behind the Scenes of the Tiger Woods Scandal

Behind the Scenes of the Tiger Woods ScandalThe Secrets Leading Up to the Tiger Woods Scandal

The ‘Tiger Woods Affair’ or the ‘Tiger Woods Scandal’ is a moniker given to the events surrounding the infidelity, extramarital affair, and eventual divorce experienced by professional golfer Tiger Woods and his former wife Elin Nordgren. The Tiger Woods Scandal is considered by many individuals to be amongst the most widely-publicized and publically-investigated events of the 21st century; the reasons for this phenomenon are considered to be rooted with a variety of facts applicable to Tiger Woods’ status as a celebrity icon:

In November of 2009, reports began to surface regarding alleged infidelity and extramarital affairs undertaken by Tiger Woods; at the close of November of 2009, a car accident involving Tiger Woods outside of his home was alleged to have taken place as a result of Nordegren’s discovery of the Tiger Woods Affair

While adamant about maintaining his innocence with regard to the Tiger Woods Affair, eventually, the allegations of infidelity began to surface at a staggering rate, ranging from the number of Woods’ extramarital partners to the rate at which he engaged in such behavior

In December of 2010, Woods admitted his involvement in what was dubbed the ‘Tiger Woods Scandal’ and issued a public apology to both his fans, as well as to his wife – Tiger Woods expressed that he and his wife would attempt to salvage the marriage subsequent to the public’s exposure to Tiger Woods Affair

The Backlash of the Tiger Woods Scandal

While Woods and Nordegren attempted to salvage their marriage, the divorce settlement expressed that the couple’s bond was irretrievably broken; however, the dissolution of his marriage due to Tiger Woods Affair was only a fraction of his problems – at an alarming rate, his corporate sponsorships began to withdraw their association with Woods following the Tiger Woods Scandal:

On December 12th, 2010, the Gillette Company was the first to withdraw their sponsorship of Tiger Woods; the period between Gillette’s withdrawal into the middle of 2011 resulted in supplemental corporate withdrawals from sponsorships including TAG Heuer, General Motors, and Gatorade

Economists studying the financial loss expected from the withdrawal of sponsorships following the Tiger Woods Affair to exist within the realm of $4 billion and $17 billion

Prior to their divorce of August 23rd, 2010, Woods had confessed to upwards of 120 extramarital affairs; the couple split and both Woods and Nordegren maintain joint custody over their 2 children

The Public Reaction to the Tiger Woods Scandal

At the time of the Tiger Woods Affair, Tiger Woods was listed as amongst the most popular athletes on a global level; he has been identified as the athlete retaining the largest salary in tandem with the largest net worth. The Tiger Woods Scandal was dually-shocking as a result that Tiger Woods was considered to be an iconic figure, not only renowned for his golfing acumen, but also his wide range of sponsorships and publicity. His 2005 marriage to Elin Nordegren – a former Swedish model – was considered to be the depiction of a power couple; many social scientists and professionals in media studies have set forth theories gauging the degree of which society as a whole enjoys the success of celebrities in contrast with the enjoyment derived in the event that a celebrity ‘falls from grace’.