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4 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Edwin Valero Wife Murder Investigation

4 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Edwin Valero Wife Murder InvestigationThe Background of the Edwin Valero Wife Murder Investigation

Edwin Valero, who was a 28-year old Venezuelan boxer, was accused of killing his wife in a hotel room in Valencia, which is a city in Venezuela on or around the time of April 19th, 2010; Jennifer Viera, who was Edwin Valero wife was 24-years old at the time of her murder; she was discovered in the early morning hours by law enforcement agents. While the details of his arrest in conjunction to the alleged murder of his wife remained hazy at first notice, Edwin Valero Wife murder investigation became clearer subsequent to the events that unfolded upon Valero’s apprehension.

The Arrest Charges of Edwin Valero Wife Murder

Edwin Valero was apprehended on Sunday the 19th after reports that Valero had allegedly confessed his crime to both hotel security, and then continued to confess the murder of his wife to police undertaking the Edwin Valero wife murder investigation upon their arrival to the hotel. Upon entering the hotel room shared by Valero and his wife, the lifeless body of Jennifer Viera was discovered; the police report mentioned the identification of 3 stab wounds on various locations her body – however, despite the confession expressed by the boxer for the Edwin Valero wife murder, the weapon assumed to have taken Viera’s life was never located by investigators.

A History of Domestic Discord Revealed in the Edwin Valero Wife Murder Investigation

In the past events involving domestic incidents involving Valero and his wife have resulted in charges alleged to Valero, including harassment, threats, and physical violence enacted upon Jennifer Viera; only months prior, Viera was rushed to a Venezuelan hospital after suffering broken ribs and a punctured lung resulting from an incident that Viera reported as an accidental fall.

Edwin Valero Takes His Own Life in the Midst of the Edwin Valero Wife Murder Investigation

In the morning subsequent to his apprehension, Edwin Valero was found dead due to asphyxiation from a homemade noose fashioned out of his clothing in his jail cell the Monday morning after his arrest on the previous day. Reports issued by the Venezuelan police expressed that the suicide had taken place on Monday, April 19, 2010:

Valero’s suicide was reported by a fellow inmate who had witnessed the act taking place; upon mention of the suicide, the police rushed to the aid of Valero – while Valero showed slight signs of life upon the discover by police, he was unable to be revived and died shortly afterwards