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Facts You Must Know About Joe Scarborough Scandal

Facts You Must Know About Joe Scarborough ScandalWho is Joe Scarborough?

Charles “Joe” Scarborough is an American Talk Radio and Cable news host, as well as an author and former politician. Scarborough currently hosts the MSNBC morning show, Morning Joe. Scarborough formerly served in the United States House of Representatives for a six year term, from 1995 to 2001, as a Republican from the 1st district of Florida. Into his fourth term as congressman; however, Scarborough announced his desire to spend more time with his children; the resignation came five months into his fourth term in Congress. In addition to this somewhat unexpected resignation, Scarborough was at the forefront of a fairly bizarre scandal in the same year.

Joe Scarborough Scandal:

On July 20 of 2001, Joe Scarborough’s constituent services coordinator, Lori Klausutis, a 28 year old, died after striking her head on Scarborough’s desk. Klausutis fatal injury occurred when the young woman fainted and struck her head, while she was alone in Scarborough’s Fort Walton Beach, Florida office. According to the former congressman, following reports of the young woman’s death, widespread allegations were attached to Scarborough for precipitating the death or being directly involved in it.

Although there was no evidence that linked the former congressmen to the death of the young employee, the Scarborough scandal picked up intensity, when in 2003, Scarborough made some ill-advised jokes and comments about the incident with Don Imus. In the upcoming years, the Joe Scarborough scandal did not directly revolve the allegations that the former congressman was responsible for the death, but around his distasteful comments concerning the incident. Throughout 2004, the Joe Scarborough scandal was the subject of a public dispute between the former congressman and infamous filmmaker Michael Moore. Since this time, a few employees of MSNBC have been terminated for mentioning the Joe Scarborough scandal on air or through their respective Twitter feeds. Scarborough was never formally charged for the incident, nor was he investigated; Joe Scarborough was not around during the time of the death and post-humorous studies on the young girl’s body found that her fainting spell and the blow to the head was the true cause of death.