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Read All About The Conspiracy behind the Kurt Cobain Death

Read All About The Conspiracy behind the Kurt Cobain DeathThe Details of the Kurt Cobain Death as They Were Reported

On April 5th, 1994, internationally-acclaimed musician Kurt Cobain was reported to have died subsequent to sustaining a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in what was initially determined to be a suicide; Kurt Cobain was a beloved musical icon who – alongside his band ‘Nirvana’ enjoyed the sales of millions of albums in conjunction with sold-out performances and the adoration of millions fans. On February 24th, 1992, Kurt Cobain married fellow musician Courtney Love; on August 18th, 1992, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love welcomed the birth of their daughter.

The Controversy Surrounding the Kurt Cobain Death

Prior to his death, the release of reports – the content of which varied in accordance with their respective validity – suggested a wide range of explanations substantiating the alleged Kurt Cobain death; certain claims were substantiated by Kurt Cobain himself, such as his addiction to heroin as well as a crippling gastroenterological ailment from which he suffered – many individuals credited these claims to account for the Kurt Cobain death. However, other individuals were quick to discredit the reports suggesting that the Kurt Cobain death was the result of a suicide; many of these detractors suspected that Kurt Cobain’s wife – Courtney Love – was responsible for orchestrating the Kurt Cobain death.

The Investigation of the Kurt Cobain Death

Upon reports from friends and family of Kurt Cobain to law enforcement agents, which were furnished as a result of a lack of communication with Kurt Cobain, investigators discovered the body of Kurt Cobain on April 8th, 1994 – 3 days following the exact date on which the Kurt Cobain was presumed to have taken place. The reports furnished by law enforcement agents conveyed that they had found the following upon the discovery of Cobain’s body:

A shotgun identified as the weapon Kurt Cobain had used to take his own life

A suicide note, which was allegedly penned by Cobain himself; the contents of the note were read remotely by Courtney Love over a loudspeaker at a vigil taking place in Seattle, Washington – the note appears to express Kurt Cobain’s depression and dissatisfaction with his life

A supply of heroin belonging to Kurt Cobain; a toxicology report was taken as a result of this discovery, which reflected an inexplicably large amount of heroine classified as fatal

The Dispute over the Nature of the Kurt Cobain Death

While various friends and family close to Kurt Cobain – in tandem with fans and unrelated, concerned individuals – maintain that the Kurt Cobain death was not the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, these claims were never investigated and currently remain classified as circumstantial evidence. However, the following inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and oddities were reported to have taken place with regard to the Kurt Cobain death:

The amount of heroin that was discovered in Kurt Cobain’s body was considered by many people to have debilitated Kurt Cobain, rendering him unable to not only pull a shotgun’s trigger, but hold the shotgun entirely

Handwriting analysis specialists have undertaken vast exploration of the suicide note allegedly penned by Kurt Cobain upon the Kurt Cobain death; the results of a bulk of these analyses have determined that the note was a letter of resignation in lieu of a suicide note – in addition, reports have stated that the note was not penned by Kurt Cobain in its entirety