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4 Questions Answered about the Brittany Murphy Death Investigation

4 Questions Answered about the Brittany Murphy Death InvestigationWhat is the Background of the Brittany Murphy Death?

On December 20th, 2009 in her Los Angeles home, an emergency call was placed in the evening requesting immediate medical assistance with regard to actress Brittany Murphy, who had collapsed in her bathroom; at the time, Brittany Murphy was living with husband Simon Monjack. Upon the arrival of emergency crews, which included emergency medical technicians and firefighters, the actor was unable to be revived after a multitude of attempts conducted by firefighters; prior to Brittany Murphy death, she was transported to the hospital in Los Angeles and declared to have died upon arrival on hospital grounds.

What Was Brittany Murphy Cause of Death?

The devastation on the part of both her fans and her family upon the release of the news of Brittany Murphy death was due in part to her esteemed acting career, in addition to various reports and testimonies of her wonderful character; her celebrity status made the need for answers furnished to friends, family, and fans that much more urgent:

Upon the release of her autopsy report, the chief coroner at Cedar-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, California recorded that she had died from pneumonia; however, the release of the autopsy of Brittany Murphy death was primarily classified as ‘differed’ – this may have resulted in a wide range of factors contributing to Brittany Murphy cause of death

What Were the Factors of Brittany Murphy Death?

The primary ruling by the coroner with regard to Brittany Murphy death was pneumonia, however, supplanted factors were reported as a fatal iron deficiency that may have been heightened through the usage of both over-the-counter, as well as prescription medication; the medication listed in her system at the time of Brittany Murphy death included a variety of cold medicine, as well as painkillers – yet, the Brittany Murphy cause of death was confirmed to be accidental in nature.

Why Was There Cold Medicine in Her System at the Time of Brittany Murphy Death?

The Los Angeles County of Health Department maintained that there was an ongoing investigation with regard to the suspicion that toxic mold was found in her home at the time of her death, which is also known  by its moniker ‘black mold’. This type of mold is regarded as an organism that may have contributed to chronic congestion suffered by Brittany Murphy, which may have served as the catalyst for the consumption of cold medicine; however, friends and family of Brittany Murphy have dismissed such claims.