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Learn All You Ever Wanted to Know About James Cameron Divorce

Learn All You Ever Wanted to Know About James Cameron DivorceA Summary of the James Cameron divorce

Wildly successful movie director and producer, James Cameron married fellow director Kathryn Bigelow in 1989. The couple remained married for just two years; however, the couple has maintained an amicable relationship as a result of their artistic admiration (Bigelow won numerous Oscars for the 2010 Best Film The Hurt Locker) for one another. The James Cameron divorce was finalized in 1991, which ended the 2 year marriage between James Cameron and Bigelow. 

The Terms and Conditions of the James Cameron divorce

Although the filing of an uncontested divorce was ideal with regard to the privacy of the celebrity couple, both James Cameron and Bigelow were required to adhere to both preexisting terms and conditions of California Divorce law, as well as adhere to any subsequent petitions filed. The couple’s divorce was somewhat smooth, especially when compared to other celebrity divorces. The two directors were in the early stages of their developing careers at the time of their divorce. As a result, the two did not amass the fortunes that they enjoy today. Additionally, the couple had no children together and was only married for 2 years, meaning their marriage was not classified, under California state law as a “long term marriage.”

Since the divorce from Bigelow, Cameron has been married four more times. Cameron’s other divorces were far more complicated; he had children and grew a production and directing empire from his numerous hit films. The divorce to Bigelow was also finalized without the presence of a prenuptial agreement. The couple simply dissolved their marriage, without conflict, and continued their successfully directing and producing careers.

The James Cameron divorce and the Public Record:

The respective celebrity status shared by both James Cameron and Bigelow – within the James Cameron divorce settlement – would allow for personal and privileged details latent within the personal relationship shared by James Cameron and Bigelow to be released into public record:

The legal stipulations undertaken within a celebrity divorce – akin to those inherent within traditional divorces – express strict parameters with regard to the release of the specific divorce settlement to public record

The realm of public record allows the terms of a divorce settlement to be accessed within the realm of common law – a primary tenet of common law allows past cases to serve as legislative parameters taken into consideration by specific judicial review.