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Eight is Enough : John and Kate’s Divorce

Eight is Enough : John and Kate's Divorce A Summary of the John and Kate divorce:

John and Kate Gosselin were reality television stars; the married couple was thrust into media spotlight, when Kate Gosselin decided to chronicle her life as a mother of fraternal twins and sextuplets. The shot, Kate Plus 8, aired on TLC and became an instant hit as the Gosselin’s achieved national recognition for their reality show. 

Kate Gosselin gave birth to twin girls on October 8, 2000. After receiving treatments to overcome her polycystic ovary syndrome (the twins were born using fertility treatments) Gosselin became pregnant again and gave birth to sextuplets on May 10 of 2004 in Hersey, Pennsylvania. The birth of the couple’s six children ultimately led to their celebrity; John and Kate Plus 8 chronicled the couple’s day to day struggles raising 8 children.

The John and Kate divorce was announced on June 22, of 2009. The divorce was filed by Kate, which ultimately ended the couple’s 10 year marriage. The couple, who appeared happily married on their hit show, decided to end their relationship as a result of John’s promiscuous activities. In February of 2009, photos surfaced on the Internet showing Jon in the company of young women during a visit to see his mother. The couple quickly tried to deflate the rumors attached to these pictures; however, a scandal erupted again, when a 23-year-old female was photographed driving Jon’s car home from a bar late at night. When the fifth season of the hit show premiered in May of that year, the couple admitted to having severe marital problems.

The Terms and Conditions of the John and Kate Divorce:

Not surprisingly, the hot issue revolving around the Jon and Kate divorce revolved around child custody. Originally, the couple was awarded split-time with their children, meaning the 8 kids would share time with their parents; however, a California judge recently rescinded this ruling and gave majority custody to Kate. In response to this revised ruling, Jon, who was issued a court injunction that prevented him from talking to the media, issued extreme disappointment regarding his limited ability to see his children.

In addition to the primary custody ruling, Kate was also granted sole ownership of the family’s home in Pennsylvania. The financial terms of the divorce, meaning how the proceeds from the show would be divided between the two stars, were not expressed to the public. That being said, it is assumed, considering the previous rulings that Kate Gosselin was awarded the majority of the show’s revenue. Furthermore, the John and Kate divorce most likely placed a heavy burden on Jon in the form of considerable alimony or monthly payments.

The legal stipulations undertaken within a celebrity divorce – akin to those inherent within traditional divorces – express strict parameters with regard to the release of the specific divorce settlement to public record

The realm of public record allows the terms of a divorce settlement to be accessed within the realm of common law – a primary tenet of common law allows past cases to serve as legislative parameters taken into consideration by specific judicial review.