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A Divorce of Presidential Proportion in the Sarkozy Divorce

A Divorce of Presidential Proportion in the Sarkozy DivorceA Summary of the Sarkozy Divorce

The Sarkozy Divorce was finalized in October of 2007, which ended the 11 year marriage between Nicolas Sarkozy and Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz – the couple was wed in 1988. Speculation surrounding the Sarkozy Divorce suggests that the events leading up to the Sarkozy Divorce included alleged extramarital affairs undertaken by Sarkozy; for those unfamiliar with the Sarkozy Divorce, the celebrity status of Nicolas Sarkozy and Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz thrust the dissolution of the couple’s marriage into media headlines making it a highly-publicized event in the time that the Sarkozy Divorce had taken place:

The reasons for this are not surprising, due to the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy has garnered international status as a result of serving as France’s current – and 23rd President; if Sarkozy’s position was not enough to thrust the Sarkozy divorce into the limelight, Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz notoriety as a fashion model did not help to quell public curiosity with regard to the couple’s divorce

The couple shares 1 son named Louis, who was born in 1997

The Terms and Conditions of the Sarkozy Divorce

Although the filing of an uncontested divorce was ideal with regard to the privacy of the celebrity couple, both Nicolas Sarkozy and Cécilia were required to adhere to both preexisting terms and conditions, as well as adhere to any subsequent petitions filed, which included the award of spousal support through alimony, child custody of the couple’s son, and the division of the couple’s shared assets:

The Terms of Alimony in the Sarkozy Divorce

Alimony – in the form of spousal support – expressed the agreements; Nicolas Sarkozy petitioned for alimony payments from Cécilia upon the finalization of the Sarkozy Divorce.

The Terms of the Prenuptial Agreements in the Sarkozy Divorce

The undertaking of a prenuptial agreement will allow for awards – ranging from monetary to custodial in nature – prearranged prior to a couple’s marriage; at the time of the Sarkozy Divorce proceedings, the details of a prenuptial agreement were not released.

Petitions Expressed in the Sarkozy Divorce

Custody of the couple’s son Louis would determine both the nature, as well as the classification of the custodial responsibility undertaken by Nicolas Sarkozy and Cécilia. The award of sole – or primary – custody allows that parent named as the primary or sole custodian to both maintain residence with the child, as well as become eligible for the receipt of child support payments; no such details with regard to the custody settlement with regard to Louis were released.

The Division of Assets in the Sarkozy Divorce

The division of ‘community property’ is defined as any assets that were attained subsequent to the marriage of Nicolas Sarkozy and Cécilia. However, in certain cases, additional agreements will have been set forth in supplementary agreements with regard to assets and monies.

The Aftereffects of the Sarkozy Divorce

Since the divorce, Sarkozy has since been remarried to Italian songstress Carla Bruni; the marriage took place in 2008, although the couple is said to have begun a relationship only a month following the Sarkozy divorce.