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The Story Behind Elly Tran Ha Scandal

The Story Behind Elly Tran Ha ScandalWho is Elly Tran Ha?

If you’ve been wondering who Elly Tran Ha is, you’re not alone. The young and vivascious Vietnamese model rocked the Internet in 2008 after she released severely scantily-clad photos. Elly Tran Ha, during 2008 and the early portion of 2009, was known as the Internet’s “it-girl.” Now aside from other celebrities, who may have a discernible talent or reason for eliciting such fame, Elly Tran Ha earned considerable popularity solely based on her looks.

The Elly Tran Ha scandal does not hold the same blueprint as other celebrity scandals; Tran Ha was never caught soliciting prostitutes, doing drugs, committing crimes or engaging in any other illegal activities that seem so irresistible for Hollywood subjects. The Elly Tran Ha scandal was simply a buzzword, used to attract users to her scandalous pictures. Elly Tran Ha gained international notoriety as a result of her good-looks and full-figured body type. Numerous Vietnamese publications have dubbed her the “hottest girl in the world”, as her fame has crossed time zones and continental barriers. From Thailand, to China, Brazil and the United States, Elly Tran Ha has been posted on a plethora of websites, blogs, message boards and seemingly the most random of domain names. That being said, the abundance of photos of this young girl has not been met with information; the Elly Tran Ha scandal, can be labeled as such, because of the dearth of information and details associated with this young girl.

Why is Elly Tran Ha so Popular?

Elly Tran Ha capitalized on a fairly peculiar Vietnamese movement known as the “hotgirl” phase. This label, which is self-explanatory, is tied into the Internet; when a picture of an attractive Vietnamese girl is added to an unrelated website or blog posting the traffic will exponentially rise. No other girl drew more attention in the “hotgirl” phase than Elly Tran ha; when Tran Ha’s picture would be attached to a domain name, some bloggers and developers have claimed that their traffic went up by over ten thousand percent.

Elly Tran Ha, who is the leading symbol of the Vietnamese “hot girl” movement, is following in the footsteps of former model-Thuy Thop. As a result of her popularity and the captivation attached to her name, it is expected that Elly Tran ha will appear in an assortment of movies and award shows in the near future.