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Mind Blowing Detail About Ted Danson Divorce

Mind Blowing Detail About Ted Danson DivorceA Summary of the Ted Danson Divorce:

Born December 29, 1947 Ted Danson is an American actor, best known for his starring roles in the hit sitcom, Cheers. Throughout his career, Danson has been nominated for fourteen Emmy Awards, ten Golden Gloves, one American Comedy Award and one Screen Actors Guild Award.

Ted Danson has been married three times; he and his first wife, Randy Danson, were married from 1970 to 1975. Following divorce, Danson then married Casey Coates in 1977. In 1979, the couple gave birth to their first child, but shortly thereafter, Coates suffered a debilitating stroke, forcing the acting star to care for his wife. During recuperation, the couple later adopted a daughter; however, an affair with fellow star, Whoopie Goldberg, ultimately led to the Ted Danson divorce from Couples.

The Ted Danson Divorce was finalized in 1993, which ended the 16 year marriage between Ted Danson and Casey Coates – the couple was wed in 1977. Speculation surrounding the Ted Danson Divorce suggests that the events leading up to the Ted Danson Divorce included extramarital affairs; for those unfamiliar with the Ted Danson Divorce, the celebrity status of Ted Danson and Casey Coates, and the involvement with Whoopie Goldberg thrust the dissolution of the couple’s marriage into media headlines making it a highly-publicized event in the time that the Ted Danson Divorce had taken place. The reasons for this are not surprising, due to the fact that Ted Danson  is regarded as one of the most-widely recognized actors of his time.

The Terms and Conditions of the Ted Danson Divorce:

Although the filing of an uncontested divorce was ideal with regard to the privacy of the celebrity couple, both Ted Danson and Casey Coates were required to adhere to both preexisting terms and conditions, as well as adhere to any subsequent petitions filed, which included the award of spousal support through alimony, child custody of the couple’s 2 children, and the division of the couple’s shared assets:

Alimony – in the form of spousal support – expressed the agreements; Ted Danson petitioned for alimony payments from Casey Coates upon the finalization of the Ted Danson Divorce. The following provision of spousal support was reported to have taken place within the Ted Danson Divorce:

The Terms of the Prenuptial Agreements in the Ted Danson Divorce:

The Tad Danson divorce, as a result of the marriage taking place before Danson was thrust into stardom, did not include a prenuptial agreement. This ultimately led to the transfer of over $30 million dollars from Danson to Coates.

Petitions Expressed in the Ted Danson Divorce:

Custody of the couple’s 2 children would determine both the nature, as well as the classification of the custodial responsibility undertaken by Ted Danson and Casey Coates; the award of sole – or primary – custody allows that parent named as the primary or sole custodian to both maintain residence with the child, as well as become eligible for the receipt of child support payments. The following determination of custody was reported to have taken place within the Ted Danson Divorce:

Coates was given primary custody of the couple’s two children (one adopted and one biological).

The Division of Assets in the Ted Danson Divorce:

The division of ‘community property’ is defined as any assets that were attained subsequent to the marriage of Ted Danson and Casey Coates. However, in certain cases, additional agreements will have been set forth in supplementary agreements with regard to assets and monies. With regard to the Ted Danson Divorce, the following division of assets is reported to have taken place:

Because Danson cheated on Coates with Goldberg, Danson was found to be the reason for the dissolved marriage. As a result of his infidelity, Danson was forced to pay Coates upwards of $30 million dollars. This money was not only used to provide child support, but also to pay for the emotional damages caused by Dansons’ extra-marital affairs.