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Lakers Player Matt Barnes Arrested for Domestic Violence

Lakers Player Matt Barnes Arrested for Domestic Violence

Matt Barnes Arrested

On September 9th, 2010, the newly-acquired basketball player by the Los Angeles Lakers – a franchise of the National Basketball Association (NBA) – Matt Barnes was arrested for what was described as a domestic incident. Acquired over the summer from the Orlando Magic – a Florida franchise of the NBA, the events that landed Matt Barnes Arrested have been considered to become increasingly confusing as they surface:

A call was placed from the household shared by Govan and Barnes reporting that there was a domestic incident taking place; during the phone call, the emergency operator had noticed that the call had been disconnected from the residence and opted to proceed with issuing law enforcement agents to the Barnes’ household

Upon the arrival of law enforcement agents – prior to Matt Barnes Arrested – Gloria Govan, her sister, and Matt Barnes all denied that any domestic violence had taken place; however, the law enforcement agents that had arrived to the home had noticed that both Govan and Barnes showed signs that a physical altercation had taken place

Prior to Matt Barnes Arrested, the police report set forth by the Los Angeles Police Department cited that both Govan and Barnes had cuts, scrapes, and bruises about their bodies; in the mug shot taken following Matt Barnes Arrested, the viewer will notice a scratch on the left-hand side of Barnes’ neck

Why Was Matt Barnes Arrested?

Matt Barnes was not only arrested with regard to the alleged suspicion of committing domestic violence, but the arresting officers set forth additional charges citing him with the unlawful obstruction of a telephone connection with emergency law enforcement services; once arrested, Barnes furnished a $50k bond for conditional release.

Why Did Gloria Govan Have Matt Barnes Arrested?

Gloria Govan, who is featured on the VH-1 television reality-based show ‘Basketball Wives’, was responsible for placing the emergency telephone call to law enforcement, which resulted in Matt Barnes Arrested; Barnes and Govan are reported as engaged, and due to her husband’s employ as a professional basketball player, Govan was invited to become a cast member of the television show on which she is featured – the couple have twin sons together:

Upon police questioning, Gloria Govan and her sister who was present at the time – as well as Matt Barnes – were adamant that no abuse had taken place

Reports citing a statement made by Govan upon Matt Barnes Arrested allegedly portrayed Govan’s expression as playful and joking in nature, addressing the entirety of the events resulting in Matt Barnes Arrested as a misunderstanding

During the 2010 – 2011 season of ‘Basketball Wives’, the altercation that took place between Govan and Barnes is expected to be featured

The Results of Matt Barnes Arrested

Subsequent to Matt Barnes Arrested, Govan and her sister – as well as Barnes – refused to press charges are set forth testimony suggesting that any nature of domestic violence had taken place.