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All You Need to Know Why Armando Montelongo was Arrested

All You Need to Know Why Armando Montelongo was ArrestedArmando Montelongo Arrested: The Summary

Armando Montelongo, who is known as one of the foremost real estate gurus in modernity was arrested in 2007 after allegations furnished by a contracting company in Austin, Texas, which claimed that the reasons for Armando Montelongo arrested including the failure to satisfy the payment of $4k worth of appraisal services undertaken by the company. The construction appraisal company who were hired on a contractual basis by Armando Montelongo claimed that between the years of 2005 and 2006, the company had undergone a variety of appraisals for which they were never paid by Armando Montelongo.

The Irony of Armando Montelongo Arrested

Armando Montelongo is most commonly recognized for his role in his reality-based television program that is aired on the A&E television network called ‘Flip this House’; the program educates its viewers on the various methodology latent within the ‘House-flipping’ subgenre of real estate:

The act of ‘Flipping Houses’ is defined as the purchase of a home considered to be in unsatisfactory conditions, ranging from structural damage or neglect; a trend within the industry of flipping houses occurs as the poor condition of the home allows for a drastically-lowered purchase price – subsequent to the purchase, the buyer renovates the home and sells it for a far-larger amount of money than for which it was originally purchased

The Austin, Texas appraisal company was named as working closely with Armando Montelongo in tandem with an individual house flipping operation undertaken by Armando Montelongo; however, it was this same appraisal company that had Armando Montelongo arrested

Armando Montelongo Arrested: The Conclusion

Upon the investigation that resulted in Armando Montelongo arrested, a variety of reports were released; Armando Montelongo explained that charges set forth resulting in Armando Montelongo arrested were baseless; Armando Montelongo assured that he would dispute the charges and have them overturned. The Austin, Texas Police Department – sitting in the heart of Travis County in the State of Texas – undertook the investigation; shortly after they had Armando Montelongo arrested, the charges set forth by the Austin, Texas-based appraisal company were reported to have been overturned:

Only days after Armando Montelongo arrested, Armando Montelongo continued shooting footage for his television show; subsequent charges have been filed against Armando Montelongo – his detractors believe that he undertakes illcit business dealings

Those lobbying for Armando Montelongo – including the A&E television channel – adamantly support Armando Montelongo; his career has not appeared to have suffered from Armando Montelongo arrested