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Was Katt Williams Arrested for Being a Houseguest

Was Katt Williams Arrested for Being a HouseguestWhy Was Katt Williams Arrested?

The events that resulted in comedian Katt Williams Arrested in November of 2009 were subject to a vast array of media coverage upon their release shortly after rumors of Katt Williams Arrested; what was reported to have begun as a simple misunderstanding quickly escalated into legal situation in which the report of missing valuables, theft, and trespassing were quickly brought to light:

Reports expressing the reasons for Katt Williams Arrested explained that while residing in the house of Barry Hankerson in the State of Georgia – the famed record producer – a steward in the Hankerson household had reported that almost $4k of valuables had gone missing

The accuser, who was named as Daniel Paul Broach, identified the comedian as the perpetrator of the crime and had Katt Williams Arrested; yet, the arrest was only the beginning of what would be considered a bizarre turn of events and situations.

The Criminal Charges that Resulted in Katt Williams Arrested

In the midst of his stay in the home of Barry Hankerson, a variety of charges were tossed around by Broach; with regard to each of the allegations, Williams’ legal team summarily defended and absolved their client of both participation, as well as the reasons for Katt Williams Arrested:

Katt Williams Arrested for Trespassing

A trespassing allegation contributing to Katt Williams Arrested was swiftly thrown out as a result of Hankerson substantiating that Williams was permitted to reside at his home. Broach claimed that Williams has undergone the unlawful encroachment onto the private and personal property belonging to Hankerson.

Katt Williams Arrested for Theft

Broach expressed that in the enactment undertaken by Williams upon the personal property belonging to Hankerson, he unlawfully obtained almost $4k in valuables that Broach had reported to have gone missing. Although a settlement of the criminal allegations was kept under wraps between Hankerson and Williams, the charges of burglary leading to Katt Williams Arrested were discharged.

Events Following Katt Williams Arrested

Subsequent the preparation of Katt Williams’ defense, both testimony offered by Hankerson – as well as testimony redacted by Broach – has resulted in the charges filed against Williams from the State of Georgia to be dropped.