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Discover the Details Behind Tony Robbins Divorce

Discover the Details Behind Tony Robbins DivorceA Summary of the Tony Robbins Divorce

The Tony Robbins Divorce was finalized in 1997, ending the 14-year marriage between Tony Robbins and Becky Robbins – the couple was wed in 1984. Tony Robbins married Becky Robbins at the age of 24 – although the couple had no children together, Tony Robbins acted as a father for the 3 children belonging to Becky Robbins from a former marriage. Tony Robbins is considered to be amongst the most recognized, iconic, and esteemed motivational speakers in the world; he has authored countless publications and resources with regard to self-help and self-empowerment – furthermore, attendance to his seminars are widely-sought after. As a result, the prospect of the Tony Robbins divorce retained the potential to affect his career as something of a ‘guru’; speculations were set forth that his divorce from his wife of 14 years would be problematic.

How Tony Robbins Broke the News of his Divorce

The details surrounding the Tony Robbins divorce were primarily kept from the press; neither Tony Robbins nor Becky Robbins issued comments with regard to any or all possible reasoning for the Tony Robbins divorce. While in many cases, the celebrity status enjoyed by an icon such as Tony Robbins may be viewed as being without a downside, the reliance on Tony Robbins from his millions of clients created the potential for a backlash; as a result, it is assumed that both Becky Robbins and Tony Robbins settled outside of court:

In the event that a couple mutually decides to file for divorce in an uncontested fashion, which means that the couple has both agreed to the terms of the divorce settlement, as well as to the reasoning for the ultimate dissolution of the marriage, the specific details of the divorce settlement are not released to the public record

Did Tony Robbins Acknowledge the Dissolution of his Marriage?

With regard to his clients – both existing in private and public domains – he explained that he had felt as though he and Becky Robbins had undergone individual changes with regard to their union. He added that within his teachings, he advocates for a strong and action-based lifestyle in which an individual is prompted to live a powerful and meaningful lifestyle, citing that his marriage no longer provided him with that sentiment. Closing his statement, he maintained that he was by no means without flaw, and the Tony Robbins divorce stood to prove that – despite the initial shock of the announcement of the Tony Robbins divorce, the bulk of his clients and fans remain loyal to him and his seminars to this day.

Developments Following the Tony Robbins Divorce

The State of California requires a 6-month long waiting period subsequent to the submission of the divorce petition. Within this time, a variety of options are available to the couples facing divorce, which range from possible reconciliation to separation; only until the divorce is finalized within the State of California was either Tony Robbins or Becky Robbins permitted to remarry:

Subsequent to the Tony Robbins Divorce, Tony Robbins married Sage Robbins in 2001; the couple remains married as of April of 2011