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Learn the Details of the Natasha Lyonne Drug Charges

Learn the Details of the Natasha Lyonne Drug ChargesBackground of the Natasha Lyonne Drug Arrest

The following details took place during the Natasha Lyonne Drug arrest:

Who is Natasha Lyonne?

Natasha Lyonne is an American actor; she has been featured in feature films including:

American Pie

Party Monster

Scary Movie 2

Blade: Trinity

Date of the Natasha Lyonne Drug Arrest: The Natasha Lyonne Drug arrest took place in December of 2004

The Location of the Natasha Lyonne Drug Arrest: The criminal activity charged to Natasha Lyonne took place in Los Angeles, California

Criminal Charges Associated with the Natasha Lyonne Drug Arrest

Subsequent to the police apprehension of Natasha Lyonne, the following criminal charges were furnished by the arresting officers:

Although her crimes were believed to be fueled by drug abuse, Natasha Lyonne was never formally charged with a drug offense; however, within the sentencing, she was required to complete a drug rehabilitation program

Natasha Lyonne was charged with aggravated threats, in which she had threatened to sexually-abuse the dog belonging to her neighbor

The destruction of property, in which she had been reported as rushing into the apartment belonging to a neighbor; during this time, her neighbor reported furniture broken upon Lyonne’s entry

Upon the date of her trial, Natasha Lyonne failed to appear; as a result, the presiding judge issued a bench warrant for her mandatory appearance to her hearing

The Punitive Recourse of the Natasha Lyonne Drug

Subsequent to the findings by the presiding judge with regard to the Natasha Lyonne Drug trial, the sentencing of Natasha Lyonne involved Natasha Lyonne to undergo the following:

The furnishing of a mandatory $2,000 court-imposed fee

The serving of 6-months’ probation time within which she must be free from arrests

The satisfaction of a court-imposed drug rehabilitation program

The Notion of Celebrity within the Natasha Lyonne Drug Arrest

Due to the fact that Natasha Lyonne was widely recognized a celebrity at the time of the arrest, the media scrutiny was exponentially higher with regard to the coverage of the details of the event described as the Natasha Lyonne Drug:

Uniform Sentencing with the Natasha Lyonne Drug Trial

The Natasha Lyonne Drug trial – akin to the vast expanse of celebrity hearings – run the risk for heightened notoriety for both the presiding judge – as well as for the legal venue – there exists supplemental considerations that are undertaken within any celebrity trial. Due to the fact that the public eye will be fixated on a celebrity trial, much like that public was during the Natasha Lyonne Drug, the legal obligation of a judge is to exact justice in accordance to the precepts upon which the United States’ legal system was founded – in an unbiased and objective fashion

The Natasha Lyonne Drug Trial within the Common Law System

The judicial system within the United States is considered to be a Common Law jurisdiction, which results in pertinent details latent within trials to be made available to public record; the notion of public record allows findings, sentencing, and judicial review to be both accessible within legal archives, as well as eligible for access by forthcoming trials similar in nature to the findings placed within public record – such was the case within the Natasha Lyonne Drug sentencing