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The Inside Scoop Why Lawrence Taylor Arrested

The Inside Scoop Why Lawrence Taylor ArrestedWhy Was Lawrence Taylor Arrested?

On March 22nd, 2011, American Football legend Lawrence Taylor was convicted of both patronizing a prostitute, as well as engaging in sexual activity with an individual classified as a minor; the sentencing was in response to Lawrence Taylor arrested in May of 2010 upon apprehension by law enforcement agents:

Lawrence Taylor arrested came as a shock for a multitude of his fans; this American Football great was most-widely known for his position of Linebacker on the New York Giants football team in the National Football League

Donning the number ‘56’, Lawrence Taylor – or ‘L.T.’ as he was most times referred – was a domineering force on the football field, earning himself a number of accolades including nominations to attend the ‘Pro Bowl’, as well as a Super Bowl Victory

Upon the news of Lawrence Taylor arrested, both his fans – as well as the New York Giants Football Team – expressed sadness and regret

Lawrence Taylor Arrested and the Case Details

In May of 2010, Lawrence Taylor solicited the services of a female prostitute who was discovered to be 16 years age; almost 2 years below the age of consent in the State of New York – the location in which the events took place. The events of Lawrence Taylor arrested involved his association with known facilitators of prostitution rings known colloquially as ‘Pimps’. The uncle of the prostitute in question alerted law enforcement agents upon the notice of both Taylor’s car – as well as the ‘pimp’s’ car at the Holiday Inn, where the events in question took place.

Lawrence Taylor Arrested for Statutory Rape

Statutory Rape is defined as a sexual act involving a legally-defined minor and a legally-defined adult. Typically, a minor can be classified as an individual who is below the age of consent, which is applicable to the participation in sexual activity. Regardless of any expressed consent or acknowledgement on the part of the 16-year old in question, the legal classification as a minor prevented the individual from being legally-able to make such a decision; this resulted in Lawrence Taylor arrested for illegal sexual conduct with a minor.

Lawrence Taylor Arrested and Applicable Repercussions

Lawrence Taylor arrested resulted in the mandating of 6-years’ probation, which is a legal institution that can be utilized in lieu of a prison sentence; the details of Taylor’s probation include a period of 6-years within which he will be required to remain in the most favorable legal standing with regard to his societal membership – in addition, Lawrence Taylor will be required to furnish a fine for an undisclosed amount, as well as register himself within the Nationwide and Statewide Sex Offender Registry for the State of New Jersey:

Lawrence Taylor arrested for engaging in illegal sexual with a minor activity recognizes him as a sex offender; Taylor will be forced to register himself in the nationwide database revealing himself as a convicted sex offenders to neighbors and individuals living within his vicinity