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What You Should Know About Jason London Divorce Settlement

What You Should Know About Jason London Divorce SettlementOverview of the Jason London Divorce

Born on November 7 of 1972, Jason London is an American actor, who is best known for his starriing role as Randall Floyd in the 1980’s classic Dazed and Confused. Following this role, London has sporadically earned parts in smaller films; however, London has recently been in the news as a result of his lengthy divorce with former wife Charlie Spradling.

Jason London married Spradling in November of 1999. The couple remained married until 2002, when the couple separated amidst rumors of infidelity on the part of London. Although this relationship seems like any other Hollywood romance, the London case is somewhat unique because the divorce was not finalized until a decade later. Spradling and London filed a no-contest divorce in a Los Angeles family court; however, the divorce was never finalized because the documents were not formally entered into the city’s court system. The divorce documents, were just recently filed, in March of 2011 in a Los Angeles Superior Court, effectively ending the marriage between London and Spradling. As a result of this lengthy delay, London was not allowed to officially re-marry until his previous marriage was either annulled or terminated through divorce. Problems arose because of this situation, due to London’s longtime relationship with girlfriend Sofia Karstens. When the divorce was finally formalized earlier this year, London then proposed to longtime girlfriend Sofia Karstens—the couple plans to officially marry in the summer of 2011.

The Plea of ‘No Contest’ within the Jason London Divorce:

An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties have reached a mutual agreement with regard to the reasons behind filing for divorce, as well as the placement of fault in conjunction to the breakdown of the marriage. In the case of the Jason London Divorce, both Jason London and Charlie Spradling opted to file for a divorce uncontested – or unchallenged – in nature, which retained the classification of the reason for the Jason London Divorce as a result, a bulk of celebrity couples undertaking divorce proceedings opt to either settle outside of court or file for divorce in an uncontested fashion in order to avoid potential media coverage and publicity.

The Terms of the Jason London Divorce Settlement:

A divorce settlement will typically include 3 primary facets with regard to the terms and conditions set forth by the presiding court official who was responsible for determining spousal support – in the form of alimony, child custody – and subsequent child support payments, and the division of assets. In the case of the Jason London Divorce, Jason London and Charlie Spradling undertook a settlement that offered Spradling sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s 15-year old daughter. In addition, London is ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court to provide over $1,000 per month in the form of child support payments to Spradling. Although this fee seems somewhat large considering London’s relative dearth of wealth, neither side in the Jason London divorce settlement was ordered to pay spousal support.