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The Truth behind the Shaq Divorce

The Truth behind the Shaq DivorceA Summary of the Shaq Divorce

The Shaq Divorce, which involved the marriage of basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal and his wife Shaunie O’Neal, was finalized in 2010, ending a 5-year marriage forged in 2002. The couple maintained custody over a total of 6 children; both Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie O’Neal shared 4 natural children, while each of them arrived into the relationship with one child from previous relationships:

The Shaq Divorce was amongst the most tumultuous to have taken place within the realm of celebrity divorces, due to the fact that while the couple have filed for divorce in 2007, it was recanted only months following. Furthermore, the couple’s unwillingness to file the Shaq Divorce outside of a court resigned them to be subject to a variety of terms of the Shaq divorce to be released

Although there existed various speculation with regard to the reasons for the divorce were cited as irreconcilable differences with regard to the strain of marriage in conjunction to what Shaunie O’Neal cited as Shaquille O’Neal’s celebrity status

The Shaq Divorce in the State of Florida

Within the State of Florida – in tandem with a contested divorce – the court will retain the authorization to determine the terms of a divorce settlement; as was the case with the Shaq Divorce, the divorce settlement included the following procedures:

The Determination of Fault in the Shaq Divorce

In the event that a couple mutually decides to file for divorce in an uncontested fashion – which means that the couple has both agreed to the terms of the divorce settlement, as well as to the reasoning for the ultimate dissolution of the marriage – the specific details of the divorce settlement are not released to the public record; however both Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie O’Neal were unable to settle the Shaq Divorce outside of court, and as a result, certain details of the Shaq Divorce settlement became available on public record.

Challenge in the Shaq Divorce

The challenge facilitated Shaquille O’Neal was set forth in order to determine the surmise and itemization of the collective assets in possession of both himself and Shaunie O’Neal; these details latent within the Shaq Divorce challenge were comprised of the petition set forth by Shaunie O’Neal with regard from the spousal support, division of assets, and custody from which she had petitioned from Shaquille O’Neal.

The Finalization of the Shaq Divorce

The finalization of the Shaq divorce required a decision by a trial judge, which was set forth by the presiding judge overseeing the trial. Upon the dissolution of the marriage between Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie O’Neal expressed the following in conjunction with the petitions filed:

Although none of the definitive details were released with regard to the monies, assets, and prenuptial agreement, Shaquille O’Neal’s estimated value at the time of the Shaq divorce included a $20 million annual salary, $10 million worth of wages earned from endorsements, a home estimated at $32 million in Miami, Florida, as well as any communal property in possession of the couple