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Tiger Woods Divorce Scandal Secrets You Never Knew

Tiger Woods Divorce Scandal Secrets You Never KnewA brief Summary of the Tiger Woods’ Divorce:

The Tiger Woods Divorce resulted in the dissolution of the marriage between Professional Golfer Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model. The couple was wed on October 5th, 2004 – the Tiger Woods Divorce was finalized on August 23rd, 2010. The events that were reported to have not only comprised the Tiger Woods Divorce, but also served as a catalyst for the Tiger Woods Divorce included a multitude of extramarital affairs undertaken by Tiger Woods; the latest on Tiger Woods – with regard to what the media dubbed ‘The Tiger Woods Scandal’ – reveals that Woods has admitted to engaged in sexual activities with upwards of 20 women.

What led to the Tiger Woods Divorce Scandal?

Although reports of his alleged infidelity began to surface in 2009 (and even before that), Woods had never formally confessed to any extramarital affairs. The first report of infidelity came from the National Enquirer, and American tabloid, who mentioned of an alleged affair taking place in November of 2009 – the story ran on November 25th, 2009. The release of this story is credited as contributing to the eventual events of the Tiger Woods Divorce.

At the close of November of 2009, at approximately 2:30 am outside of their home in an Orlando suburb, Nordegren contacted emergency medical services, explaining that Woods had been involved in a car accident outside of their home; Nordegren had stated that Woods was injured and requested immediate medical attention

Upon the arrival of emergency medical technicians, the reports issued stated a bruised Woods who had been removed from his vehicle presumably by Nordegren; the rear windshield of the vehicle had been smashed with a golf club – upon his admittance to the hospital, Tiger Woods had refused to provide the police with an explanation for the accident. While rumors began to swirl, the accident report had stated that Woods’ vehicle had stuck a fire hydrant and had barreled onto his neighbor’s property.

The latest on Tiger Woods theories with regard to the car accident prior to the Tiger Woods Divorce range from a domestic incident in which Nordegren discovered Woods’ infidelity, by checking his telephone—the phone contained numerous messages from Woods’ mistresses. Following the realization that her husband had been committing infidelity, Nordegren may have assaulted Woods while he was driving under the alleged influence of prescription medication; none of these theories with regard to the Tiger Woods Divorce have even been substantiated however.

Following the car accident, Woods’ was cited with a traffic violation and removed him from entry in the remainder of golf tournaments for the year of 2009 in which he was expected to participate. Woods later admitted, in a public apology, that he had committed in numerous extramarital acts. Woods apologized for his egregious actions, asked for forgiveness and claimed he was focused on becoming a better person. Woods’ resumed his golf career in the middle of 2010; he has yet to win a tournament since news of the Tiger Woods divorce scandal broke.

The Settlement:

The terms and conditions of the divorce settlement were kept confidential. That being said, various reports have stated that Nordegren would stand to earn upwards of $100 million from alimony for the Tiger Woods Divorce Scandal; in addition, both Nordegren and Woods would undertake the joint custody of the couple’s 2 young children.