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Why the Tim Robbins Divorce Wasn’t a Divorce at All

Why the Tim Robbins Divorce Wasn’t a Divorce at AllOverview of the Tim Robbins Divorce

The Tim Robbins Divorce was not really a divorce at all; due to the fact that actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon had never officially wed – despite engaging in a 20-year romantic relationship – within their 20-year relationship, the couple birthed 2 sons. In December of 2009, the general public witnessed the dissolution of the partnership undertaken by 2 of Hollywood’s most iconic and beloved actors – the couple met while on the set of the 1988 film Bull Durham. Interviews furnished by both Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon rejected the institution of marriage with regard to the couple’s partnership; they maintained that they shared a deep love and commitment for one another, and collectively, did not feel as though a marriage certificate should – or would – be able to define or validate that.

The Parties Involved in the Tim Robbins Split

Tim Robbins is an American actor who has gained his iconic celebrity status as a result of his various – and beloved roles, which include High Fidelity, The Shawshank Redemption, Mystic River, as well as the upcoming summer blockbuster Green Lantern. Similarly, Susan Sarandon has graced the screen with her acclaimed roles in films including Thelma & Louise, The Client, Dead Man Walking, and Leaves of Grass.

The Plea of ‘No Contest’ within the Tim Robbins Split

The dissolution of a romantic partnership enacted through cohabitation is very similar to the proceeding latent within an uncontested divorce; these circumstances involve a situation in which both parties have reached a mutual agreement with regard to the reasons behind filing for divorce, as well as the placement of fault in conjunction to the breakdown of the marriage. In the case of the Tim Robbins Split, both Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon opted to file for a divorce uncontested – or unchallenged – in nature, which retained the classification of the reason for the Tim Robbins Divorce as a result, a bulk of celebrity couples undertaking divorce proceedings opt to either settle outside of court or file for divorce in an uncontested fashion in order to avoid potential media coverage and publicity.

The Terms of the Tim Robbins Separation Settlement

A settlement undertaken subsequent to the dissolution of a romantic relationship enacted by cohabitation and commitment is similar – at least within a legal fashion – to a divorce settlement, which typically includes 3 primary facets with regard to the terms and conditions set forth by the presiding court official who was responsible for determining spousal support – in the form of alimony, child custody – and subsequent child support payments, and the division of assets. A bulk of the terms and conditions latent within the Tim Robbins split – including supplemental agreements, such as prenuptial agreements and custodial arrangements in tandem with the additional furnishing of assets or monies are typically kept private. However, subsequent to the ruling of the presiding judge, the following judicial review was set forth with regard to the terms of the Tim Robbins separation settlement:

The implementation of a domestic partnership enabled both Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon to keep the terms, conditions, and arrangements of their respective settlement private; this is due to the fact that that proceeding was kept out of the courts

However, both Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon share joint custody of their son Miles, who is below the age of 18 – this legally classifies him as a minor