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Charice is a pop singer from the Philippines. In the legal field, she is primarily associated the death of her father, Ricky Pempengco, which occurred on October 31, 2011.

During initial reports of the death of the father of Charice, it was reported that he had been stabbed by a man with an ice pick outside of a convenience store from which he had just purchased cigarettes. The person with the ice pick then fled the scene of the crime. An investigation subsequently pointed to Angel Capilli Jr. as the perpetrator of the murder.

After several days, Angel Capilli Jr. turned himself in to the mayor of Gen. Trias, where the killing took place. Under initial questioning by the authorities, Angel Capilli Jr. claimed that the murder of the father of Charice had its roots in a confrontation that had occurred earlier in the evening. At that time, Angel Capilli Jr. stated that he had met the father of Charice prior to the murder and gotten involved in an altercation that resulted in him being punched in the face. Angel Capilli Jr. claimed that at the time, rather than punching back, he ran away and reported the incident to the authorities.

Angel Capilli Jr. went on to say that later in the evening, when he had encountered the father of Charice again, he had no intention of retaliating for the events that occurred earlier in the evening. Instead, Angel Capilli Jr. claimed that when he saw the father of Charice, he began retreating to avoid further conflict. Angel Capilli Jr. stated that he was still being pursued by the father of Charice, so he had no choice but to defend himself. In some statements, he said that he had grabbed a screwdriver and used it to stab the father of Charice. In other statements, he said that the ice pick which he had used to kill the father of Charice was something he regularly carried on his person when visiting the city. He also claimed that in retreating from the scene of the crime, he had lost the ice pick.

After turning himself in for the murder of the father of Charice, Angel Capilli Jr. requested that the charges against him be lowered from murder (meaning he had been the aggressor) to homicide (meaning that the death had occurred as a result of self-defense). The police filed a preliminary charge of murder at the time of his surrender and then conducted a ten-day investigation to determine whether the request was reasonable.

After questioning witnesses to the murder of the father of Charice, the Filipino police investigating the matter concluded that Angel Capilli Jr. had not acted in self-defense and therefore was liable for murder. As of October 2012, the case has not reached a publicly disclosed resolution or verdict. Charice rejected all statements made by Angel Capilli Jr. seeking forgiveness.