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Discover the Facts Behind Christina Aguilera Divorce

Discover the Facts Behind Christina Aguilera DivorceA Summary of the Events Leading Up to the Christina Aguilera Divorce:

Born in December of 1980, Christina Aguilera is an American singer and actress. Aguilera first appeared in the entertainment industry in 1990 as a contestant on Star Search—an American Idol-like program. From this discovery, Aguilera elevated into international super-stardom, with stops on the Disney Channel’s television series The Mickey Mouse Club. Following her success as a child star, Aguilera signed a deal with RCA records after recording a single for an animated film. Aguilera came to prominence following the release of her self-titled debut album, which produced number one singles and sold millions of records. The great success in her career was not parlayed into a healthy personal life; Aguilera filed for divorce from husband and back-up dancer, Jordan Bratman in October of 2010.

The Christina Aguilera Divorce in the State of California:

The divorce laws applicable to the State of California undertake the following stipulations with regard to filing for divorce. In the case of the Christina Aguilera divorce, the probability of the enactment of a prenuptial agreement is quite high; as per a large part of celebrity marriages taking place subsequent to one or both of the couples reaching a certain point of celebrity – these types of agreements are commonly undertaken. However, regardless of any or all expressed agreements existing in tandem with the divorce proceedings taking place within the Christina Aguilera divorce, the couple will be required to adhere to the following parameters with regard to the dissolution of marriage:

The Determination of Fault

Reports released in news sources depicted the Christina Aguilera divorce as occurring because the pop-star allegedly cheated on Bratman. The couple, who share a 2-year old son, named Max, finalized their divorce in an amicable manner.

The Prenuptial Agreement in the Christina Aguilera divorce:

A prenuptial agreement is a formulated agreement furnished by one or both partners of a marriage that serves as a preemptive, preventative measure with regard to the prospect of the dissolution of the marriage taking place; with regard to the divorce laws enacted within the State of California, a ‘no-fault’ divorce taking place will result in the even split of ‘community property’ – this is defined as any assets that were attained subsequent to the marriage. However, in the case of the Christina Aguilera divorce, in addition to a variety of celebrities, the receipt of any salary subsequent to marriage will result in its determination as community – or shared – property. Sources have revealed that although a prenuptial agreement existed between the two, that Jordan received an extra sum of money from Aguilera. Christina Aguilera is currently living with boyfriend Matt Ruler in the couple’s mansion.

Custody and Children in the Christina Aguilera divorce:

The Christina Aguilera divorce was settled in February of 2011. The divorce papers, which were filed by Aguilera’s representing parties, will not be made official until April 15 of 2011. Sources have confirmed that the couple will share joint custody of their son, Max, although the legal papers filed with the court did not specify the terms of the custody agreement.

Christina Aguilera divorce Waiting Period:

The State of California requires a 6-month long waiting period subsequent to the submission of the divorce petition. As a result of these rules, the Christina Aguilera divorce, although settled in February of 2011 will not become finalized until June of the same month.