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The Secrecy behind the Rachel Ray Divorce

The Secrecy behind the Rachel Ray DivorceA Summary of the Prospective Rachel Ray Divorce

The allegation surrounding a possible ‘Rachel Ray Divorce’, which involves celebrity television personality Rachel Ray, who is widely-acclaimed and beloved for her cooking shows – and her husband since 2005 John Cusimano – have been a topic of discussion in a variety of media outlets. Allegations surrounding the stasis of the couple’s marriage – in tandem with suggestions that the marriage is undergoing dissolution, the dispute of those same rumors are swiftly falsified seemingly just as soon as they arise on the part of Rachel Ray’s publicists.

The Rumors Surrounding the Rachel Ray Divorce

Rachel Ray and husband John Cusimano were wed in 2005. Due to the candid nature of Rachel Ray’s television program, she would oftentimes divulge nuances and details about her marriage in passing; the nature of these details struck her adoring fans as illustrative of a picture-perfect marriage. As a result, the rumors surrounding a prospective Rachel Ray divorce were that much more alarming subsequent to their release within the public media – reports surfaced suggesting the following:

Rachel Ray and her husband John had come to an agreement that both her celebrity status and her seemingly non-stop scheduling had put a strain on the couple’s marriage; as a result, she had found herself unable to fulfill the role of wife that she had originally promised during her wedding vows – within these reports, Rachel Ray claimed that the split would be amicable and both she and her husband would part ways on good terms

Following the release of the aforementioned statement, which had yet to be verified, reports surfaces illustrating that the mother of Rachel Ray had arrived to Ray’s home city of New York in order to assist her in both finding and decorating an apartment in which she would presumably reside without John – these allegations only stoked the rumors surrounding a potential Rachel Ray divorce

The Validity of the Rachel Ray Divorce Rumors

As of April of 2011, both Rachel Ray and John Cusimano are reported as happily married; their relationship has been described of being absent of any signs or suggestions that the marriage will be in anyway terminated by what the media had donned a ‘Rachel Ray divorce’. However, certain media outlets and sources continue to dispute these allegations, claiming that Rachel Ray divorce would result in a public backlash of her television persona, as well as create a forum in which suspected allegations may come forth. Yet, despite the detractors of Rachel Ray’s marriage being in current good standing, there has been no mention – neither on behalf of Rachel Ray nor her publicists – suggesting otherwise:

Furthermore, Rachel Ray has not been reported as filing any defamation or libel charges against the various media outlets suggesting a potential Rachel Ray; while this fact does strike some individuals as odd, as of 2011, the Rachel Ray divorce rumors seemed to have quieted substantially within public media circles