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Learn the Facts About Matt Lauer Affair

Learn the Facts About Matt Lauer AffairWho is Matt Lauer?
Born December 30, 1957 Matt Lauer is an American Television personality, best known for his role as the host of NBC’s The Today Show. Prior to this role, Lauer was a journalist, a news anchor in New York and the host of various local talk-shows. Lauer was born in New York, New York and is of Romanian descent. During his youth, his parents divorced—his father later died in 1997.

Lauer became the co-host of The Today Show when he replaced Bryan Gumbel in 1997—shortly after the passing away of his father. The series, led by Lauer and cohost Katie Couric, turned out to be a hit and Lauer quickly was propelled into the upper crust of television personalities. Lauer, during his time as a local television host, was married from 1982 until 1989 to, Nancy Alspaugh, a television producer. The marriage ultimately ended in divorce and from 1989 to 1996 Matt Lauer dated Kristen Gesswein—an attract television news anchor. The two were briefly engaged, but the relationship ultimately dissolved. In 1998, Matt Lauer then married a Dutch model, named Annette Roque, who commonly went by her model name “Jade.” Lauer and his relationship with Roque was somewhat tumultuous; although their personal life was ultimately kept private numerous reports claimed that the couple was always on the verge of collapsing. Matt Lauer and Roque have three children together; the youngest was born in 2006; however, during this pregnancy, the couple separated. Roque officially filed for divorce in Manhattan’s Supreme Court on September 13, 2006. Although the divorce was finalized, the couple has since reconciled.
Matt Lauer Affair:
According to various tabloids in the United States, Matt Lauer’s 11-year marriage with Roque was sidetracked due to an Matt Lauer’s affair. This story, which was vehemently pursued by the National Inquirer—a popular tabloid in the United States—has been debunked by respected media outlets and those close to the host of The Today Show. Lauer himself has repeatedly denied the allegations and cited personal problems for the couple’s marital problems. That being said, the two have worked-out their issues and remain married. The two have three children, ages eight, six and two together.